Born in Uruguay, raised in the UK, Santiago Perez was immersed in a wide variety of music genres from a young age. Between the classical, tango and abstract jazz often played in his parents’ restaurant and the rock, pop and electronic music his older brothers and family exposed him to at home, his eclectic love of music was being forged.

With his brothers eventually turning to promotion and djing, Santiago soon followed in their footsteps. Being the little brother always left behind, too young to go to clubs, he spent most of his teenage years locked away in his bedroom, relentlessly mixing on his brothers’ decks, perfecting his craft. Leftfield, Massive Attack, Sasha, Carl Cox, BT, Unkle, Ennio Morricone and many more, being some of his main influences at the time.

His passion naturally led him down the path of production when he got to know a new classmate who, coming from a songwriting background, introduced him to a whole new world: music making. They soon became close friends and teamed up to DJ and produce together. From there, Santiago went on to DJ in major clubs throughout South Wales.

Fast forward to 2012, having moved to London at 20 with hopes of pursuing a music career, but having settled into years of unfulfilling full time work, Santiago reconnected with his dream. He decided to dedicate all of his time and energy to production and DJing and has since had several remixes and original releases on various independent record labels.

In 2014, after a successful trial run in Hakkasan, he became a permanent resident DJ. Having to craft a 6-8 hours set each night in an atmospheric restaurant setting has allowed him to make use of his appreciation and understanding of many different styles; a freedom that is often limited in club sets.

As a DJ, Santiago tries to conjure a unique style of ‘anything goes’ with the belief that every track should stand out as an independent piece of art. While a lot of DJs in the current scene prefer flowing sets with delicate build ups, he likes to keep his audience engaged by creating a significant contrast between each track.

While his production is continuously evolving, his current sound takes root in a mixture of deep tech house grooves with a melodic touch. This can be credited to influences such as Tini, Jimpster, Todd Bodine, Audiofly & more.